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Quantum Innovative Nano Technologies

Qi NanoTech B.V. develops and manufactures advanced nano material, high performance materials since 1999. We have offices in Rotterdam (Global HQ) and Shanghai.
Our business focus is to deliver our products to only strategic partners e.g. regional partners, material companies, manufacturing companies and technology platform providers. We provide overall solution to multi-business to our strategic partners worldwide.

About QiNanoTech B.V.

We are the global provider of cutting-edge materials & technologies solutions. The core of our business is to solve key problems for customers. We are committed to building long-term strategic partnerships with our customers rather than just selling a single product. 

Industrial Solution

From the  swimming pools in the UK, to the vast banana gardens of Southeast Asia in Africa, from greenhouses in Amsterdam to the world-renowned International Airport, our industrial and commercial solutions help our clients solve difficult problems. We can improve food quality, extend storage time, and limit mold growth by the pool. We help improve hygiene in crowded toilets while breaking down odors. The glasshouses do not need to be cleaned, and there is no fog, so plants can grow more efficiently.


Hygienic, Health and Safety

We provide a variety of health and safety solutions from Sick Building Syndrome management, odor control to cross infection control.

Our technology can provide a lasting sanitary surface and, in combination with traditional disinfection techniques, can significantly improve public health and resistance to cross-infection. In an emergency center project, we reduced the average median bacterial count in ambulances by 93%, resulting in a 714% improvement in pass rates. In another hospital ICU project, our easy-to-clean surface reduced the average bacterial reading in the ICU by 82%, which increased the pass rate by 245%.

Self Cleaning & Anti-smog

We help building and solar cell owners build self-cleaning projects, which significantly reduces maintenance costs and environmental damage caused by cleaning agents.

We provide effective technology to help roads and cities decompose NOx, an important precursor of smog, and finally achieve the purpose of combating smog.

Under ideal circumstances, the purification capacity of every 18 square meters of coating is equivalent to a red maple tree covering a land area of 115 square meters.



Food Industrial Experience

We help fruit and vegetable producers and traders to extend the shelf life of bananas and allow them to provide customers with better quality agricultural products. The extended shelf life of supermarkets has greatly reduced waste and increased overall profitability.


Toilet Odor Control Experiences

Our hygienic coating helps toilets at airports, theaters, stadiums, shopping malls etc. to stay odour-free and to a higher level of hygiene. Rather than covering the odours of the toilet with fragrance, our odor control technology provides passengers with more comfortable pure air instead of a mixture of odor and aroma. 


Solar Panel Experience

It is well known that dirty surfaces can cause the output power of solar panel to decrease by up to 20%. Regular cleaning can restore the output power of solar panel, but high labor costs make cleaning impossible at high frequencies. Our self-cleaning solution can keep the surface of the solar panel in a continuous high clean state, which reduces the cleaning and maintenance costs and also increasing the daily power generation by 3-10%.


Sports Hygienic Experiences

Restricted by the limitation of chemical substances, the risk of microbial growth in the water of the competition swimming pool exceeds that of ordinary swimming pools. We help competition swimming pools around the world control microbial contamination while avoiding the use of additional harmful chemicals.


Infection Control Experience

The reproduction of microorganisms and viruses can spread diseases and even cause death in human society. Our hygienic coating technology can greatly improve the level of public health and hygienic level, thereby reducing the risk of cross infection.

Let’s Solve Your Problem

We are always ready to solve the key problems encountered by your business, please contact our consultants immediately, we are committed to building a harmonious win-win relationship.

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